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Asarigawa Onsen Ski Area’s beautiful views will make you want to return again and again!

asarigawa ski

Photos: asarigawa Onsen Ski Center

“Asarigawa Onsen Ski Center” is located on the outskirts of Otaru city (小樽市). It is named after of the Asarigawa hot springs that is located close to the foot of the ski area. Compared to the larger ski resorts, it has by far the most reasonable lift ticket prices! It is very popular with the citizens of Otaru and Sapporo.
The resort is approximately 15 minutes by car or bus from Otaru city. On the highway from Sapporo city it takes about 30 minutes. It has good access to both the spa and other tourist activities that you can enjoy après-ski.
Most notable about the charm of “Asarigawa Onsen Ski Center” is the beauty of the scenery. About halfway down the mountain you can see the spectacular ocean view! On especially clear days the beautiful contrast between the blue sky and white snow is stunning!


The blue sea and snow covered mountains provide inspiring views from the ski slope!

course guide

Illustrated map credit: asarigawa Onsen Ski Center

The mountain is about 2,000 feet high. They have 9 trails ranging from beginner to advanced with 4 lifts. The longest run is about 2 miles long.
The biggest attraction of this resort is the beauty of the scenery. The endless blue sea is plainly seen halfway up the mountain but you might not notice it when traveling by foot. But when riding on the lift and turn back you will be amazed by the view.
On a clear day, you can see across the Bay of Ishikari and the Mashike mountain range. You can also see ofuyu misaki that overlooks the cape. The view from this point overlooking the sea is exceptional. It is definitely one of the best views in Hokkaido. The beauty of the scenery puts this resort on a popularity scale right up there with the larger ski resorts!

You will be surprised how much bigger this resort is than it looks on a map!

There isn’t a gondola that goes all the way to the top of the mountain. You need to take three lifts to get to the top. By the time you take all 3 lifts you realize that this resort is much bigger than it appears on the map. From the top of the mountain the course is just about 2 miles in length.
long couse

Photos: asarigawa Onsen Ski Center

It is a wide course so you can make your way down at your own pace without feeling crowded. The B yellow course is for beginners. It has a nice gentle slope. For the expert skier who likes powder snow there is the Green A courser and the orange course. The mountain-top purple course, needless to say has the best views.
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Photos: asarigawa Onsen Ski Center

In between your sightseeing, please come “empty handed!”

asari kurasse
From the Asari exit on the Highway “Asarigawa Onsen Ski Center” is a 5-minutes drive. It is easy to access from the city of Otaru, The Asari exit is about 30 minutes from Sapporo. You will arrive in less than one hour by car from the New Chitose Airport.
The ski area is right by the “Asari Classe Hotel.” You can take a bus from the hotel to the resort. There are also bus routes from Otaru city. You can also get bus round trip rides out from the Sapporo JR subway and Nakajima Koen station. The cost is 820 Yen each way.
rentaru ski
If when traveling near Otaru, or Sapporo and you have the desire to ski, but haven’t prepared for it, no problem! We recommended the”hands-free enjoy pack” (9300 yen). It includes skis or snowboard and all the equipment and clothing you need plus lift ticket.

After skiing you can relax at Asarigawa hot springs.

Asarigawa hot springs located right next to the ski resort. It is surrounded by many hotels and inns. Asari Classe Hotel stands out since it is most conspicuously larger. Bath is 800 yen for adults. Of course if you have the time we recommended staying overnight at one of these fine accommodations.

Smart tip
  • If you have ski clothing but nothing else, there are normal rental packs. Unlimited lift ride + gear rentals for 5500 yen.
  • If you have clothing and gear there is the "special Pack". Lift one day ticket + lunch + Spa in 4200 yen (adults only)
  • Asari Classe Hotel is a resort hotel located right next to the hot springs. The bath area is surrounded by rock walls that provide a beautiful view of the snow while bathing. There is also a Very nice healing Salon available for women.
What's interesting

The Asarigawa Onsen Ski Area has good skiing at reasonable rates. The beauty of the scenery is absolutely some of the best in Hokkaido! This is very cost effective skiing!