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Enjoy the new standard of Sapporo at night, sweet parfait moments!

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Photos: Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee

There are a lot of popular gourmet spots in Sapporo (札幌). You can get soup curry, fresh seafood, and Genghis Khan. Recently though, there is a new food culture here!
This is “Shimecymeparfait”. (Parfait dessert after dinner or drinks). Everyone knows about ramen in Sapporo, but this new standard is gaining popularity in Sapporo.
In 9/2015, several food and beverage outlets of Sapporo formed the “Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee.” The number of merchants increased through their WEB site cymepafet Sapporo. As of 12/2015, there are 12 stores involved in the committee and the movement is alive and well. The parfaits are basically soft serve ice cream made with milk and fresh fruit.


You can enjoy a parfait after eating or having drinks!

Parfaits are not just for enjoying in the Summer! According to Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee, “you can enjoy a parfait regardless of the season.”
Parfaits popularity have spread among the citizens of Sapporo and more shops are offering them on the menu and as part of special sets.
One such shop is the “Mirai St. Café.”
Here they created the shimiparfait set” (1000 yen) available after 7:00 p.m..
They have 6 types, such as green tea, peach tea and chocolate banana parfait (690 Yen to 900 yen). You can get one with your choice of over 40 different alcoholic drinks for an additional 500 yen.
Triple Berry pafe
Most popular is the “triple berry parfait” (800 yen).
It features Mark Brown (shibetya) production premium soft ice cream with sour berries. Their spacious interior is inviting, with colorful booths, and lots of hand-made goods available. This shop is recommended for an unusual journey.

Authentic menu, which features a fancy Parfait!

“Shiawanorishipi” is a great place to go for a parfait! Along with its sister store “Shiawasenorishipi Sweet” which opened in 7/2015 they definitely have a good “recipe for happiness.”
shiawasenreshipi sui-to
They have a distinctive menu produced by their chef.
For example, the “Pearl of the pistachio and bitter chocolate deep” (1480 yen).
It is a chocolate gelato, made with chocolate from Peru combined with a rich pistachio. It was developed jointly with “Aisunoie,” a shop located in a shopping center in Naganuma-cho. It is made using all local ingredients.
They also serve a delicious French toast that is served with your favorite maple syrup. Another feature is the special names of their parfaits, such as “parfait, seasonal fruit dance party” and “tears of citrus and raspberry moon princess.” The shop has a fairy tale motif, and is especially popular with young women. They have a stamp card that you use. When you earn three stamps you can order something from their “special” menu. It is a great way to encourage return customers.

A popular new taste sensation is the veggy parfait!

If you want to enjoy a flavor unique to Hokkaido, try a “Veggy parfait! (780 yen). at “Veggy Noie”
yasaitappuri bejipafe
As the name implies, it is made with locally grown vegetables such as pumpkin, tomato, carrot puree, and veggie chips.
It first appeared in 12/2015 and the flavor of the sweet gelato combined with the vegetable taste became very popular. Manager Yu Ishiyama (石山侑) says, “the combination of tastes is very popular especially with the women.” Please note that special orders with a different combination of ingredients are not available.
Veggy no ie
The shop is an old renovated house which gives the store a real homey atmosphere. You can also enjoy the taste of items on their vegetable food menu such as “Bagna cauda” (1080 yen) and vegetable pizza (1080 yen).

Go out early and find your favorite restaurant where you can enjoy a parfait!

There are many shops that serve unusual and unique parfaits. For example, you can get baked skewered bananas with marshmallows and orange-flavored gelato with olive oil. So, give yourself plenty of time to explore your options.
shinkankaku pafe
ordermade pafe

Photos: Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee

There are now many committee member shops in and around Susukino and Odori. Most places begin serving their special treats after 7:00 p.m. Many of the popular shops can have lines forming. The most popular time is until 10:00 p.m.. Not all the stores have their parfaits available all the time so it is better to check in advance.

Smart tip
  • Many of the shops are busy from 8:00 p.m. until after the last train leaves around midnight. There are also some shops who are busy as late as 3 a.m.
  • You can find parfaits in various popular cafes as well as in retreat-style less commonly known spots. Either way you can feel the fun of Sapporo at night.
  • According to many of the shops’ staff, “parfaits go surprisingly well with alcohol.” The area has a rich selection of shops, with a variety of dinner menus, so be sure to ask the restaurant staff for recommendations.
What's interesting

The parfaits are offered at a variety of restaurants with very diverse menus. So, take your time and select the type of food you enjoy to have in combination with this new dessert sensation!