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The Okushiba Shoten Curry serves a curry with a rich shrimp broth.

Okushiba Shoten Curry serves a rich curry stew using shrimp heads as a base. It has a deep shrimp flavor. This popular restaurant has various regional offices using the same recipe. The Ekin soseji branch is near the JR Sapporo station, so it is convenient for locals and tourists alike.
The Okushiba store’s staff has a close relationship with the farms that produce of their recipes ingredients. The ingredients are chosen with love.
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It’s a popular Japanese store with a unique atmosphere.

There are many soup curry restaurants in Sapporo, but their traditional Japanese atmosphere and delicious shrimp base curry make Okushiba stand out. Their speciality Okuoku soup has chicken leg with seasonal vegetables cooked with spices (1210 yen). The chicken is braised until it crumbles off the bone. They also add
boiled eggs, mizuna, Plus 2 types of sesame sprinkled in. You can also choose from the menu other unique ingredients that you can add or have as replacements for the standard ingredients.
You feel the love in this traditional Japanese decorated restaurant. With its wall hangings and wood interior it offers a unique space to enjoy your curry.

Enjoy the taste of food toppings

They also have various toppings and side dishes that you can enjoy with the taste of your curry. Most popular are the fried prawn (120 yen). It is locally produced shrimp, whole fried and delicious.
It is fragrant and crispy outside and sweet and irresistible on the inside. The head of the shrimp is filled with miso and is very tasty. It is lightly salted and goes well as a curry topping.
plain Russia
The mellow tasting “plain Russia” (400 Yen) is a great drink that goes well with the curry and comes in various types to choose from.

The shop buys its ingredients from special contracted farmers!

Many of the ingredients such as rice and vegetables that are used in the restaurant come directly from affiliated farmers. They even list the farmers on the menu so you know where the ingredients come from! The staff and the farmers have a close working relationship that ensures the best ingredients for your curry. Takuma Fujita (藤田琢磨), the store’s Manager works together in the field with the farmers to learn all he can about the food they serve. They have an open air kitchen so all the cooks can communicate in order to create the best possible food.
Visitors can sit at the counter and face the open kitchen to be educated and entertained by the cooks while eating.
There are notebooks on the table so the customer can record thoughts about their dining experience. The notes become part of the recorded history of the restaurant that can be read by future customers.

Smart tip
  • This is a very popular restaurant for lunch and lines are inevitable. 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. is a good time to come if you want to avoid the crowd.
  • Their menu and atmosphere are very distinctive. This is a great place for people who are not satisfied with the “typical” curry shop.
  • You can rent a paper apron at the restaurant. These are most popular with the women who don’t want to spill curry on their nice clothes.
What's interesting

Being so accessible, the Sapporo station branch is one of the most popular. Sitting at the counter in front of the open-air kitchen is a favorite thing to do for many of the customers.