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Drinkers cry! Hokkaido limited souvenir for drinkers

When we go on a trip, we would get lost in the selection of a souvenir for drinkers.
Drinkers often don’t like sweets, and since general snacks for drinks are mostly refrigerated or frozen products, it’s difficult to buy and transport.
So this time, we will introduce products recommended for drinkers!


Go to “Ekinaka (inside the station) Mart Tarche” in the Otaru Station!

If you are looking for souvenirs that match alcohols, “Ekinaka Mart Tarche” in JR Otaru Station is recommended.
Why Otaru?
Actually, Otaru has breweries of sake, beer, and wine. And in Yoichi-Town, which is next to Otaru, there is Nikka Whisky!
In Hokkaido, Otaru is the only area where there are so many kinds of breweries.
On the land with delicious sake, there should be a good snack to match it. In addition, both materials of the sea and the mountains are available in Otaru. This “Tarche” is a commitment shop that collects foods from not only Otaru but also Shiribeshi region.
It is Tetsuji Saito (director of business) (right of the photo) and the manager Yasuo Atsuga (left of the photo) who taught us various things.

“Dried herring” is extraordinary products sticking to everything!

The best-recommended item from both of them is “dried herring (Miura Fishery)” (698 yen).
Herring made from Otaru is only used as raw material.
After trial and error, based on Tamari soy sauce, La France juice is added to clear the peculiar smell. Immerse in the seasoning liquid and dry for one week at low temperature. It takes time and effort.
It’s lower salty seasoned than it looks. The bitter taste comes out as chewing. As well as sake, it’s also recommended to match with Nikka single malt “Yoichi”.

There are also sweets that match sake.

I wonder if there are sweets that match sake, and there is.
They introduced us “Otaru pizza cookie (Rokumi)” (388 yen) in the beginning. It’s an unusual type of sweets that boiled tomatoes from Shiribeshi, and baked in cookies. Sweetness is suppressed to give a pizza flavor. It’s perfect to eat with beer.
“Ama-natto (sweetened beans) soaked in Otaru wine (Kimura Confectionery)” (216 yen) is coming next.
It’s made from white soybean from Tokachi and “Otaru wine Niagara”.
Please taste it with the wine of the same name!

For sake and wine lovers!

For sake, they chose “Yama-wasabi (horseradish) picked in soy sauce (Processing working group)” (700 yen).
Of course, it’s nice to taste with sashimi, but it’s also recommended to taste with meat.
However, for sake lovers, I think it’s very nice to drink sake while licking only yama-wasabi.
They selected “Crispy cheese (Niseko Fromage)” (324 yen) for wine.
The texture of crispy is fun.
It’s also nice for snacks.

Very popular! “Smoked sweet shrimp”

At the end, it’s the most popular selling product in Tarche called “Smoked sweet shrimp (Nanpo Tometaro Shoten)” (756 yen).
It’s a big hit item of the famous shop of the smoked products in Yoichi.
You can only but it for a limited time from March to November of the fishing season because they use only fresh sweet shrimp.
With the sweetness of the shrimp and smokey flavor, it’s unbearably tasty.
It will be the best snack for various kinds of alcohols.

I introduced the souvenir for the drinkers recommended in “Tarche”. How was it?
I think you will want to drink just by tasting them.
It’s also recommended for those who are tired of the classic souvenir!

Smart tip
  • Everything is Hokkaido limited. You can save time to suffer from picking souvenirs.
  • It takes only 10 minutes’ walk from Otaru Station to Otaru Canal. There is also a triangular market next to Otaru Station. You can enjoy the charm of Otaru in a short time.
  • All items introduced can be carried at normal temperature.
What's interesting

“Dried herring” introduced the first, is very tasty. It was a satisfying taste that there was almost no stock on the day as well. You can arrange it freely as a material for salads and pasta!