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Visit “Takeda” at the Sankaku Market!

At the “Sankaku Market” there are fresh fish shops, marine products shops, vegetable fruit shops, and plenty of places to get a great meal. From the Otaru station (小樽駅) turn left and after a 2-minute walk on the left you will see a flight of stairs. Climb those stairs.
The name Samaku means triangle. The market was given its name due to the fact that the shape of the land and the roof is a triangle.
At the market, you will find many eateries. Among them is the “Takeda.” It has been operated by the Takeda fresh fish store for about 50 years. It claims to be the shop that introduced seafood rice bowls to the area.
The store is stocked with fresh seafood and is known as a place where locals and travelers can buy fresh seafood. They can also eat fresh seafood at the restaurant opposite the store. The front entrance that faces the market creates an opening that is inviting for groups and individuals.
They offer of course their popular seafood rice bowl, as well as seasonal sashimi, and grilled fish set meals. Because it is open from 7 o’clock in the morning, it is the perfect spot for breakfast. Many people will have breakfast at Takeda rather than at their hotel.


The Sankaku Market opened in 1948.

The Sankaku market opened in1948. (Showa 23) year. Several street vendors gathered near Otaru station and opened a morning market. From the beginning it was very popular and attracted customers from near and far. With its good access it wasn’t long before shops lined up on both sides of the hill. You can still see the signboard of Takeda fresh fish store on your left.
The Takeda business takes up the space of about three houses. On the opposite side of the Takeda fresh fish store is their market cafeteria.
At the beginning they started with just the fresh fish store, but gradually they expanded the store into the empty store space next door. In the dining room, there are elevated tables which can accommodate up to 100 people.

Do not forget the crab soup!

There are a lot of seafood rice bowls on the menu. The three most popular are the rice bowls with sea urchin, crab, and salmon roe. They are quite affordable at 2,000 yen each.
The sea urchin is pretty sweet and the fresh crabs and prawns are delicious. You can change the combination of ingredients as you like.
Ken Otomaru (乙丸健), who is the third generation owner, consults with me freely. He said if you print and bring in this page you can redeem it for an order of crab soup.
On the tables there are saucers that contain black sauce Ikasumi. It seems to prompt many customers to ask for beer, even in the morning.

The Shops at Sankaku Market are stocked with fresh seafood!

many fish
The fresh fish shops are all stocked with fresh seafood, such as a fillet of Casheva that can be eaten frequently in Hokkaido.
There is also Kasub. It is delicious when boiled. And there is the hackaku, (the Japanese name is Toku) that have a large wing like a flying fish. It is a fish that is unique to the north.
In the dining room you can buy raw hakkaku sashimi for 1,000 yen per dish.
It has an elegant white body, moderate fat, and a sweet taste. It looks ridiculous, but it is tasty. Seafood that you can eat in the dining room you can also buy fresh in the fish store and it can be delivered locally.
There is plenty of fresh fish to enjoy at the vibrant Sankaku market. You can eat a delicious seafood bowl in the Takeda cafeteria. Or buy fresh fish and take it home with you or have it delivered.

Smart tip
  • Print this page and bring it to the Takeda shop for a free crab soup.
  • You can eat enjoy your seafood served many ways. (rice bowls, sashimi, grilled fish) You can also get an order with half of the fish as sashimi, the other half baked.
  • If you spend more than 2,000 yen at the market you can get a ticket for the municipal parking lot adjacent to the Sankaku market good for 1 free hour.
What's interesting

There are many types of seafood available at the shops at the Sankasu market. The hustle and bustle of the market make it a fun, comfortable, place to shop and enjoy a meal.