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Namba Grand Kagetsu. Home of the Yoshimoto Comedy Troop!

In 2011, Yoshimoto comedy troop celebrated their 100th anniversary. They are now considered a national constituency, “a stronghold of comedy” at the Namba Grand Kagetsu (なんばグランド花月).
Young performers are longing to be standing on the same stage with them.
At the theater, comedians perform different forms of comedy such as Manzai, Rakugo, and Shikigeki.
Be ready to switch to laugh mode when you hear their familiar theme song.
You can buy the presale tickets or purchase tickets the day of the show. Shows are every day of the year.


Popular characters are here to greet you!

They use familiar anime characters to attract people and greet guests at the front of the theater. Various characters are there all the way up to 30 minutes.before the last performance. You can celebrate together with the characters and pose for a commemorative photo.
On this day, I saw the famous anime character Suichi.
There were also up and coming young artist to play musical instruments in front of the theater. The music is enjoyable but once you enter the theater, you will be enveloped in the comedy mode of the Namba Grand Kagetsu.

Excellent food for the soul!

On the first floor of the theater, you can experience the Dining tastes unique to Osaka. Entertainers who love “nikusui” (meat in broth) come to Chitose (千とせ). It was originally a dish of noodles in a broth with meat. But a comedian with a hangover came in and ordered it without the noodles and the dish caught on. It is also sometimes ordered with egg.
Another popular dining spot inside the theater is the “Osaka American Village”. It is famous for its fluffy takoyaki.

The artists are hilarious!

When you come to the Namba Grand Kagetsu souvenir shop, things have a comedy mode and come in the form of exclusive merchandise available only here. Things such as stationery, notepads, and files. The designs are practical and cute.
And you can just imagine the smiling face of the recipient of your gift from this unique shop.
And don’t forget to ask for the popular “child licking candy” (378 yen) or “the doll baked sponge cake” (550 yen ~) that is made in the likeness of some of the more famous artists. You can get these treats hot on the 1st floor and on the second floor in the lobby.

For your gaming experience!

Experience the Arment reality game.
Two new games emerged in the fall of 2015. Arment inserts photos of the players into a scene with entertainers and they compete for points.
Another game uses facial recognition cameras to turn the player into a popular character of the new comedy!
You can share with your friends by getting the QR code, so you can retrieve the data. This game is enjoyed by both adults and children. You can play it for 500 yen.
So come and enjoy the funny things to do that are unique at the Osaka Namba Grand Kagetsu!

Smart tip
  • Don’t worry about being able to get into, see your favorite performer. You can buy presell tickets in advance or up to 2 hours before the start on the day of the show. For tickets and booking inquiries dial: 0570-550-100 (10:00a.m .to 6:00p.m. (open all year round)
  • To see when your favorite entertainer will perform, you can go online to the theater's website.
  • It is recommended for to arrive a little early before the show so you have time to finish your shopping and dining.
What's interesting

Come to the Osaka Namba Grand Kagetsu when you want to laugh from the bottom of your belly. Since we all have different tastes in comedy, the performances at night offer a little different comedy style.