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Kuidaore taro welcomes you to Dotonbori’s Nakaza Kuidaore Building.

One of the highlights for tourists in the Dotonbori area(道頓堀) of Osaka is being welcomed by “Kuidaore Taro” at the Nakaza Kuidaore Building. This building is a good place to find Osaka souvenirs, food, and comedy. It is crammed with plenty of Osaka charm. The Nakaza Kuidaore building at one time was the location of the performing arts theater.


Meet popular Doutonbori’s Kuidaore Taro

“Kuidaore Taro”.cheerfully greets you in front of the Kuidaore Building. He is a symbol of Osaka’s Dotonbori Street
With his drums, red and white striped suit, clown hat, and black-rimmed round glasses, Kuidaore Taro is easy to recognize. He made his debut about 65 years ago when the Nakaza Kuidaore Building was a dining establishment. The restaurant closed in 2008 but Kuidaore Taro continued standing at the storefront. In 2009 the Nakaza Kuidaore Building reopened and has helped revive the Dotonbori area.

The Nakaza Kuidaore Building is full of Kuidaore Taro toys and other Osakan souvenirs.

Nakaza Kuidaore Building consists of 7 floors. 1 basement floor and 6 floors above ground. They have 21 stores and offer everything from dining and souvenir shopping to entertainment. On the first floor alone, facing the Dotonbori street, the shops are lined with more than 4,000 products.
One corner of the first floor is home to Japan’s only Kuidaore Taro official shop. The shop carries a large variety of candy, snacks, toys, and souvenirs. Even if your just looking you’ll have fun!
You will also find at the Nakaza Kuidaore building a large assortment of “made in Osaka” authentic products, wine, sauces, stationary, and other Osaka signature products. One shop features glicogoods. These are items patterned after the famous glico sign motif. Check out all the fun gadgets and souvenirs from the “little Osaka” store. This popular Dotonbori location is usually crowded with tourists.
The Road Dotonobori shop has many limited edition items. It is a great place to find fun gifts!

Enjoy Osaka gourmet food (made with Osaka specialty flours) and a good laugh at the comedy store!

Speaking of Osaka “gourmet flour!” the Nakaza Kuidaore Building has several places to eat okonomiyaki and takoyaki. You can enjoy yakitori and kushikatsu here as well!
Another popular item is the takeout, handmade “Kuidaore Taro doll pancakes” (5 for 300 yen).
Speaking of Osaka’s comedy culture, check out the ZAZA club with two stages in the basement, they have a 500 yen entrance fee.
Travel to Osaka for good food, gifts and laughter. At the same time you can check out the Nakaza Kuidaore Building and have a photo taken with Kuidaore Taro.

Smart tip
  • Holidays tend to be crowded with photo shoots with Kuidaore Taro. We recommend visiting on a relatively empty, weekday morning.
  • The Osaka unlimited pass allows you to ride the Osaka Municipal Subway and city bus all day. And if you present it at the Ichibiri An store you will receive 10% off with a purchase of 1,000 yen or more.
  • 20 yards west of the Nakaza Kuidaore Building is Osaka's historic building, “Meibutsu-Kuidaore.” It is famous for its gourmet food and still has on the roof a sign with "Kuidaore Taro".
What's interesting

Kuidaore Taro has been a beloved figure in Osaka for many years! You can find at the Nakaza Kuidaore Building a wide variety of Kuidaore Taro toys. The building is packed with many Osaka merchants offering contemporary humor and inventiveness.