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From the original landscape of old Okinawa remains the “Fukugi Namiki of Bise.”

tonneru“Fukugi Namiki of Bise,” when translated means “A place where Fukugi trees are in a line”
When people think of the town of Honbu, (located on the northern part of Okinawa) they will think about the famous “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.”
But behind the aquarium is a large “Bise: (area) that is filled with Fukugi trees.
They are lined up in a row (namiki) to create windbreaks that protect the town
This spread is called the “Fukugi Namiki of Bise.”
Alive with nature and the old-fashioned scenes of Okinawa, this place will create feelings of nostalgia for first-time visitors.

Even in the summer, the cool breeze filled with negative ions literally creates a natural healing spot

After enjoying the aquarium, it is a wonderful place to cool down,
Fukugi Namiki of Bise


A Forest shrine that has been nestled in the village for a long time.

The Fukugi is a tropical evergreen tree of the Guttiferae, Fukugi genus.
It originates in Southeast Asia, primarily from Taiwan.
Average adult tree height is 30~60 feet. It has a straight growing, thick trunk that is quite tough. It has strong dense leaves to protect it from wind and salt air damage. In addition to being used for constructing the Fukugi Namiki of Bise, these trees are used for street trees and various other windbreaks. Since they are also fire resistant they are also used to build homes
The people of Bise village created the Fukugi Namiki of Bise about 100 years ago,
There is estimated to be several thousand trees in this area, mostly old ones.
It is said that some of the trees are as much as 300 years old.
It has been maintained as a windbreak. Over time it has served to protect the village from the wind and sun. It continues to serve as a guardian of the people who live there.

What to do If you get lost in the tree-lined maze.

While walking through the forest one step at a time you may become unaware of where you are due to the mazelike appearance of the tree line.
But it’s okay. If you get lost, stop and listen and you will hear the sound of the ocean surf. Walk in that direction!

You will come to an opening that is adjacent to “Bisezaki beach”. Here the beauty of the water sparkling in the sun will surely put a smile on your face.

Walking from the closed green space of the forest to the spectacular open space of the blue ocean is an exciting contrast. So go ahead and take the chance of walking through the forest. Even if you get lost it will be so exciting when you discover the beauty of the sea and have found your way again.

If you really want to take it easy, “ride the water buffalo car!”

At the entrance of the Namiki is a parking lot and restaurant area.
It is a little more than a half of a mile walk down this tunnel of greenery to Bisezaki.
With sunshine filtering through foliage it is a pleasant experience to be
explored on foot.
For those who don’t have the time or desire to walk, there are bicycle rentals available.

For those who really want to take it easy and yet have an exciting adventure, I recommend taking a ride in the water buffalo car.
This Village is filled mostly with private, older homes, where the local people live an idyllic everyday life. It is rustic and natural here, not a flashy tourist destination.
Using the Okinawa original language, the words “Yon’na ~ Yon’na ~”
say it all. “take it easy.”

Smart tip
  • Namiki street has a number of accommodations. If you want to spend time there, I recommend staying the night. I especially recommend the Fukuzi House Cottage and the "Fukuzi Resort Ruruma", both only accept one group at a time.
  • The Buffalo Car ride to explore the Namiki takes about 25 minutes. The fee is 2,000 yen for up to 4 people (500 yen for each additional person). For more information, HP:Http://Heatwave-okinawa.Com/hw/208.Html
  • If you pass through the Namiki to the beach you will come to an open air seaside cafe "Cahaya Blanc" which is popular with the women. HP:http://www.cahayabulan.com/cafe_CAHAYA_BULAN/Welcome.html
What's interesting

Weather permitting, there are exceptional sunset views from the Bisezaki coast. "Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium," has discount adult tickets available from 4 o'clock until closing. (ordinarily 1,850 yen discounted to 1,290 yen)