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Let’s go to the Meiji Shrine and feel the beautiful heart of Japan

When you pass by the 40-foot high wooden torii of Meiji Shrine(明治神宮), you will feel both solemn and yet relaxed in the presence of the power of nature. You will also feel that you want to come again to the Meiji Shrine.
Many Worshipers from around Japan come to this shrine for New Year’s day. It also attracts many people who believe this to be a power spot. Meiji Shrine in the center of Tokyo, and has long been a popular place for residents to come to relax.


A New Year’s day visit to a Shinto shrine will bring you good fortune.

At the Meiji Shrine, there are several kinds of charms. There are charms for things like health, for good luck and for job fulfillment. You can buy the charms for yourself or you can exchange them as gifts with family and friends.
Since the amulet has been prayed over at the shrine, many people feel that your wish is likely to come true. Very popular is the heart-shaped amulet. It is easy to carry and very attractive. Why not choose a talisman of your own to pray with when you visit?

Kiyomasai is a power spot.

A lot has been said about the famous Meiji Shrine “Kiyomasai”. The fortune-telling comedian, Shuhei Shimada has talked of Kiyomasai as a place of “divine favor” and mentions the well which has become famous as a power spot.
It certainly looks likely that this clean water well will be able to clean away bad feelings. But it also has a negative side and you should avoid coming to the well on a rainy afternoon.

The Spring festival at the Meiji Shrine is a must-see event!

Every year, from the end of April to the beginning of May the spring festival will be held in Meiji Shrine.
Temple workers dance Noh and Kyogen, (traditional Japanese dance). Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can feel the special power of the Japanese culture through the music and dance.
In the Spring, the flowers in this area are in full bloom and is a wonderful sight. It is a great time to come and experience the flavor of Japan.