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Founded 1300 years ago the guardian gods of the Kanda Myojin still keep watch over citizens of Japan

The Kanda Myojin’s shrine is a 5-minute walk from the JR line Ochanomizu station Seibashi exit. It was erected during the Nara period around 1,300 years ago. It is said that the deities of Kanda Myojin’s watch the Kanda, Nihonbashi, Akihabara, Otemachi and Marunouchi areas. Legend has it that when Ieyasu Tokugawa (徳川家康) was preparing for the ‘battle of Sekigahara he prayed for victory. He achieved a stunning victory and then moved the shrine to its present location at the gate of Edo Castle. His victory was responsible for the unification of the whole country, and as a result he received the adoration from the people of Japan. Today many people come to visit the shrine and companies pray for prosperity in business. In January alone more than 10,000 people visited the shrine. Many people also come to the Kanda Festival and pray for marriage to the perfect partner.


Kanda Myojin shrine brings many blessings!

There are three main deities at the Kanda Myojin shrine Daikoku-sama (God of marriage) Ebisu-sama (God of prosperity) and Masakado-sama (God of protection from disaster) The Daikoku-sama image is the biggest statue in Japan. During the Daikoku Festival in January, a staff member waves a gavel over the heads of worshippers and will pray for them. Also, it is worth noting that the famous Ebisu stature was originally based on the myth that it would bless the merchants that traveled across the ocean!

Kanda Myojin combines old and new culture!

Kanda Myojin keeps the traditional culture from the past alive while at the same time strives to develop new traditions. For example, they have created a line sticker of a Kanda Myojin mascot character, that has been very well accepted. In addition, the Kanda festival occurs once every two years and is very popular. In 2015, they held the traditional Mikoshi parades with a collaboration of a new parade theme of “love.” People are excited to see what is store for 2017!

Check out the famous long-established “sweet shop!”

hanayakana syuiro
At the Kanda Myojin Shrine you can drink amazake sweet sake. The long established sweet shop “Amanoya” opened in 1846 and has been very popular. It is located next to the gate. They store their sweet sake in jars 18 feet underground. They also serve a delicious miso. It is easy to find. As soon as you get through the gate you see their sign. You can also get drinks to go!