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A Cozy space to feel the green and light, resort feeling while in the city center!

Queue Plaza Harajuku is a 7-minute walk from the JR line “Harajuku Station.”It was opened in March of 2015 along Meiji street near the Jingumae intersection
With a total of 18 stores inside adhering to the concept of “I switched places,” it offers one refreshing space after another.
Each floor is decorated in green with plenty of fresh greenery around. Most of the cafes and restaurants have terrace seating available.
In line with the change of pace concept, there are also several esthetician shops and hair salons inside!


You can enjoy an Elegant meal on the terrace!

In order to enjoy your meal, the cooking is, of course, important, but the environment is also a key element. A meal is best shared with a good friend while surrounded by beautiful scenery …. All these conditions can be met at the Queue Plaza Harajuku restaurants.
On the top two floors (10 and 11) is the “Six Mars Steak & Bar.” Also, there is a nice view from the ninth floor, “Cantera,” where you can see the Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree. Of course, terrace seating is available. There is open-air terrace seating in other restaurants and cafes as well, that I highly recommended for breakfast or brunch!

Refresh at the popular restaurants from overseas!

At the queue Plaza Harajuku, overseas popular restaurants played an important role in the long-awaited store opening. From Waikiki, Hawaii “Aloha table Hawaiian Sweets & tapas.” From Oregon, the “Original Pancake House”. Both are very popular! The New York’s top hair salon, “Warren-Tricomi New York” made its first Japanese store here. The fact that this is the favorite salon of the famous performer Taylor Swift makes this an even more fashionable place for women to come.

New Style Entertainment & Cafe!

Another unique Harajuku experience is on the Queue Plaza Harajuku 7th Floor. It is called “AREA-Q.” Fans can interact with each other while enjoying the music and anime, games.
There is limited seating in the café so you must make advanced reservations.
Between the contents of their original menu, the premium videos, and the exhibition of rare items, this has become an irresistible setting for the fans. There are many people who come from afar to participate in this community cafe!