| Tokyo

Ginza Kabuki-za Theatre continues to evolve the culture of Japan!

The Kabuki-za Theatre opened in April of 2013. It was designed so that actors could use escalators and elevators to access any seat in the house and interact with the patrons. To get to the theater you can use the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line or the Toei Asakusa line and go to the Higashi-Ginza station (exit 3). There has been remarkable success for the Kabuki stars both foreign and domestic. The Kabuki popularity is seeing rapid growth and development in its overseas market.


With such an expansive gift shop it can be hard to choose what to buy!

After watching performances at Kabuki-za’s many want to buy souvenirs. No problem! The theater has souvenir shops from the basement 2nd floor to the 5th floor. That’s 7 floors of shopping! On the basement 2nd floor you’ll find the Kaomise and Hanamichi shops that carry the Kabuki Japanese crafts, foods and sundries. On the 1st floor there is Ningyo-yaki and the Ginza Kabukiza embroiderer. On the 3rd floor you will find sweets and other souvenirs. The 5th floor is where you will find the actors’ souvenir goods including their books and pictures.

Intermission is the time to eat and have fun!

Eating at Intermission is one of the kabuki theater traditions dating back to ancient times. You have many dining options. Eating at the theaters restaurant is a good plan. You can also eat your lunch in the seat, or some other favorite place you might have in the theater. Incidentally balcony seats on the ground floor have a special lunch box seating section where you can order lunch and have it delivered at intermission. There is also another Bento shop and restaurant available but advance reservations are required.

Enjoy the Kabuki-za Theatre Tower 4th and 5th floor play space!

Enjoy the 5th floor rooftop garden at Kabuki-za Theatre Tower as well as the “Alice studio”, and “Kabuki-za Theatre Gallery”. On the rooftop you can stroll the gardens and see the monuments dedicated to Kabuki. It is free admission and not to be missed! Also you can have fun on the 4th floor Alice Kabuki studio. Here you can dress in the costumes of Kabuki actors and have your picture taken. There is also the exhibition at the Kabuki-za Theatre Gallery that is worth checking out. The exhibit changes often so you can visit more than once!