Things to check before you fly (airline luggage rules)!

Planes bring us to dream destinations. But unlike the train, it’s not so often that we get the opportunity to fly so many people feel anxious about flying.
The plane ride is not their usual way of travel so they have many questions.
How much can I carry in my luggage? What about carry-on?
Many people do not know what they can and can not bring.
So let’s review the rules for luggage on the plane.
1. A. Carry-on baggage size.
– B.What is prohibited in baggage?
– C.What Should be brought into the cabin?
2. Checked baggage rules.
3. What is not allowed on the plane at all?
4. What items need special attention.

The general rules are the same for domestic and international baggage.
But some numbers are different. So I am going to explain about domestic baggage rules.


1. Carry-on baggage size.

(Common JAL, ANA, Skymark, PEACH)
In addition to handbags and apparel goods, you can bring on board one piece of baggage that meet the conditions outlined below.
* In addition to Personal belongings and handbags you are allowed such items as laptop computer case, cameras, shoulder bag, or another small bag.
For an airplane with more than 100 seats
• Sum of 3 dimensions up to 45 inches
• Size W21 in x H15 in×D10 in (width, height, depth)
• Within a total weight of 22 lbs
For an airplane with less than 100 seats

• Sum of 3 dimensions 39 inches
• Size W17 in x H14 in×D8 in (width, height, depth)
• Within a total weight of 22 lbs
If the size of the sum of 3 dimensions exceeds regulations you will not be allowed to bring the bag on board.
Many planes are more than 100 seats.
Depending on the route, in some cases it will be less than a 100-seat plane.
However, there are many in-flight carry-on size carrying cases for sale at the airport.
You must take to the ticket counter and check any luggage that exceeds the size noted above.

1-b. What is prohibited in your baggage?

No matter what size your carry-on baggage, the following items are prohibited, as carry-on and must be put in checked baggage.
-Cutlery (knives, scissors, cutters, etc.)
-Sharp objectstomentosa, Golf Club, baseball bat, etc.)

If the above things are found at security checkpoint (through the metal detectors) you can declare them as abandoned goods and they will be destroyed or you can go back to the check-in counter and put the item in your checked luggage.

1-c. What should be brought on board?

Even when your carry-on case is within the above permissible size you still want to minimize the amount you carry on.
You should also consider managing what you bring on board so as to minimize any damage to any of your items. Special care needs to be taken in the case of the following items.
Personal items, such as cash, jewelry, securities, antique art
-Fragile things
Art, antiques, watches, cameras, personal computers and other electronic devices
Bottle and glass products (including liquor bottle and beverage)

2. Checked baggage rules.

For checked baggage at the check-in counter, it is about the size of the bag.
Rules and fee vary by airline, so lets go over the rules for each domestic airline. Checking baggage is typically free if your bags don’t exceed the limits.
Rules for checking luggage free of charge
• No limit on the number. Total 44lbs
• Width / height / depth 19.5 in x 23.5 in x 47 in
• No limit on the number (total 44lbs)
• Sum of width, height, and depth, 3 dimensions up to 80 inches
Excess baggage charges
• No limit on the number
• Excess weight over 44lbs, 200 to 400 yen per 2.2 lbs (varies according to seating section)
• No limit on the number
[Excess weight]
2.2 to 22 lbs  2500 Yen
24 to 44 lbs  3500 Yen
46 to 66 lbs  4500 Yen
※Each additional 22 lbs +1000 yen
There is a charge on all baggage if deposit is required at the airport.
If you use “Happy Peach Plus” at time of booking one checked bag is allowed for free.

Checked baggage fees at the airport can be paid by credit card only.
There is a discount rate if paid on the Internet.

Checked baggage fees
It varies a little with different flights but generally as long as none of your bags weigh over 44 lbs and the sum of the 3 dimensions doesn’t exceed 80 the fees are as follows.
・Tokyo-> Kansai
 1-5- bags 2110 Yen
 1-5-bags 2730 Yen
For overweight baggage (weight is 44 to 70.5 lbs) there is an
additional checked baggage fee.
Skymark airlines
Checked baggage can be accepted free of charge
A total of 3 carry-on and checked bags (max. 33 lbs)
A volume per piece of 19.5 in x 23.5 in x 47 in
Excess fee
・If between 33 and 44 pounds 500 yen. If between 44 and 66 lbs 2000 yen
・If Between 66 and 88 lbs 3000 yen. If between 88 and 99 lbs 4000 yen
・4 bags 500 yen
・5 bags 1000 yen
・6 bags 1500 Yen
Additional 500 yen per bag
• If the length of the longest side is between 47 and 94 inches, 500 yen
• If the length of the longest side 94 and 110 inches, 1000 yen

3. Items not to be put on the plane at all.

・High-pressure gas (fire extinguishers, gas cylinders for gasses)
・Poisons and (insecticides & pesticides)
・Oxidizing substances (bleach)
・Flammable liquids (lighter)
・combustible material (charcoal)
・Explosives (fireworks, ammunition)


4. What items need special attention?

Whether or not certain items will be allowed depends on certain things.
●Alcoholic beverages
(Alcohol content between 24% and 70%)
1 to 5 liters
* No limit if less than 24% alcohol content.
●Cosmetics and healthcare products
(Non-radioactive articles)
Each bottle must be 17.5 ounces and 0.5 liters or less with a total of no more than in one 4.4 lbs or 2 liters.
●Dry ice
(Only used for cooling perishables) And only up to 5.5 lbs
●Cigarette lighter
One per passenger
●Hair curlers
(Filled with hydrocarbon gasses,must have safety cover attached)
Only one per passenger.
●Aerosol for sporting goods / household goods
(non-flammable gasses, non-toxic gas)
Each bottle must be 17.5 ounces and 0.5 liters or less with a total of no more than in one 4.4 lbs or 2 liters.
T-shaped razor and tiny razor for eyebrows with a blade length of less than 1.5 inches.
Following these guidelines, you will have no question about your luggage and what you can bring on the plane. So as you head to the airport relax and enjoy your trip!