How to choose what style and size of baggage for travel!

Lots of luggage is required for traveling! You will need to pack clothes and overnight essentials. Sometimes a big travel bag is required! However, sometimes a big bag may excessive, too heavy and difficult to carry!
When using an airplane, it also depends on whether you plan on carrying it on board or checking it at the counter. Choosing the right travel bag is important.
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There are various kinds of travel bags. Recently, suitcases with casters on the bottom are very popular. There are called carry cases and carry bags, referring to those that have a telescopic carry bar. For this article we will collectively use the term “suitcase.”


General suitcase size!

Suitcases are divided into five basic sizes SS • S • M • L • LL, (What they are called depends on each manufacturer).
Looking at the height and litter number (capacity), can help you choose the appropriate size.
● SS Size Height: ~ 50cm, Capacity: ~ 35L
It is suitable for 1 to 2 nights. A short trip in the vicinity is OK with this!
● S size Height: 48 ~ 60cm, Capacity: 36 ~ 55L
It is suitable for 2 ~ 3 nights.
● M size Height: 59 to 65 cm, Capacity: 56 to 75 L
It is suitable for 3 to 4 nights. In the case of summer clothes, you will be able to pack clothes for about a week.
● L size Height: 65 – 73 cm, Capacity: 76 – 94 L
It is suitable for 4 to 7 nights. It is okay for overseas trips as well.
● LL size Height: 72 ~ 82cm, Size: 95L
It is suitable for a long stay of 7 nights or more.
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Criteria for choosing the size of a suitcase

The amount of luggage should be based on the number of days and nights traveling, the season, and the purpose of the trip. Depending on the number of days and nights traveling, the amount of clothing and underwear will change. Also, Winter clothes are thicker than Summer clothes, so the amount of bag space needed will change. Even in the Spring and Summer you may need more space if you are traveling to cold areas. In addition, there are more things that are necessary for traveling on a sightseeing trip rather than when going for business.
In the case of family trips there may be even more baggage!
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Point of selection 1
Bringing it in the cabin or not!
When using an airplane, it is an important to know if you can bring it in the cabin. On domestic flights, length, width, height allowed needs to be within 55 × 40 × 25 cm, With 115 cm total (in the case of flights with more than 100 seats), international flights vary depending on the airline company, but for most if it is within 115 cm in total for the three sides can be brought in the cabin. The advantage of carrying a case on board is that there is less risk of scratching the surface of the case than if you were checking it at the counter. Also your time spent at the arrival gate will decrease since you don’t need to wait for baggage.
For details, please see the following article.
“Rules on baggage on airplanes that I want to check before riding.”
Point of selection 2
Room for souvenirs!
Most people buy souvenirs on the journey. That means, the amount of
luggage space needed for the return trip will increase. So, you can take an extra bag for the souvenirs or just bring a bigger suitcase then what is needed for your clothes and accessories. Again remember, if you choose a larger case, carrying it may be an obstacle, and extra bags will mean more time checking in and picking up your luggage!
It is also recommended to bring with you in your suitcase a folding bag that can function as a carry-on case on your return flight!
Other emphasis points
Price • Durability • Lightweight!
The cost of suitcases ranges from several thousand yen to several hundred thousand yen. Typically, the higher the price, the higher the durability.
Cheaper suitcases tend to be more fragile! There are many places where there is no elevator and you have to go up a lot of stairs. So, a heavy bag might be difficult to carry, so it is good to have a lightweight bag! It might be advantageous to have multiple travel bags of different sizes,
that you can choose from for each trip. Then you can prepare a large and small bag when needed. Some traveling experts purchase only one suitcase suitable for their body, and some travelers choose the amount of baggage that matches the type of trip they are planning.