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Come explore Shiretokogoko lakes, where animals and plants breathe, while the mountains are reflected on the water’s surface!

“Shiretokogoko” in Shiretoko is a World Natural Heritage site. Located in the Shiretoko Forest, there are flowers blooming, birds singing, brown bears and other animals living vividly around these five lakes. They were formed about 3,700 years ago by the eruption of Iwozan volcano which is also part of Shiretoko mountain range. This is a place where you can enjoy various ways the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage.


The lakes provide the perfect scenery for you to photograph!

Shiretoko peninsula is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Shiretoko, in the Ainu language means “where the earth sticks out.” Access to Okhotsk Seaside, and the Shiretoko Lake in Shari Town area is about 80 miles (approximately 2 hours 20 minutes) from Manbetsu Airport. It is a popular spot where about 60,000 people visit during the opening period of spring to autumn! “Koukamoku-do road” leading to Shiretoko mountain is known as bear-free, with countermeasures in place preventing brown bear attacks. It has a promenade with electric fence installed, so you can walk around freely and enjoy superb views without worrying about encountering a brown bear.

If you want to know more about Shiretoko join their guide on the “ground walk” path!

If you want to see more than the first lake, it is recommended to join the “ground walk.” From May 10 to July 31 is called the brown bear activity period, it is essential to participate in the 3 hour guided tour with a Shiretokogoko registered guide. Walking slowly in the forest while listening to the explanation of the forest’s formation and the description of the flowers and animals living there, is a great opportunity to become more familiar with nature. During the vegetation protection period from the end of April to May 9th, and then from August 1st to October 20th you can take a free trip by attending their 10-minute lecture.

Once you visit, you will want to come again another season!

During the spring snow melting season (in late June) a swamp is formed that they call the “3.5 lake” between the third and forth lakes. There are many flowers and trees sprouting all at once during this lively season. Summer is a beautiful time to visit as the area is covered in deep green forest colors and the mountains are reflected on the lake. Autumn is also a beautiful sight when the trees are covered with leaves ranging from yellow to red in color. In Winter you can go to the lakes that you cannot go to in the summer and visit the island in between the second and third lakes. If you are with the guide you can go snowshoeing. Every season is overflowing with its own natural charm.