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Introducing Rokatei main store from the Tokachi area of Obihiro.

When speaking of Hokkaido ‘s souvenirs, many people think of “Rokkatei.” They have shops in various areas of Hokkaido, but the Obihiro head office is located about 5 minutes on foot from JR Obihiro Station. Even while being in the center of the town, it is a green, calm atmosphere full of trees. On the first floor of the shop there is a relaxing tea room. On the second floor is where you will want to visit the delicious assortment of sweets. There are rare, limited edition sweets, as well as plenty of local favorites!


Fresh and crisp are essential!

A lot of people visiting here are ordering “sakusaku pie” (160 yen). As the name suggests, it is a crispy light pie contains plenty of custard cream. The expiration date is “today,” but if possible, within 3 hours! These are only sold in a small portion of the stores, including the Obihiro head office, and the Sapporo head office stores. You will also want to taste the freshly made “Tokachi Obihiro hatsu” (160 yen). These are raspberry cream cheese with a slightly sour taste and white raw chocolate pie. They are sold only at Obihiro airport store and Obihiro head office.

Enjoy a lavish tea time in the tea room!

There is a free coffee service on the first floor, where you can eat the sweets you bought, or you can spend your time at the tea room on the second floor if you wish. The tea room has a refreshingly bright interior and is a space for local citizens to relax. Here also, there are sweets and limited edition fluffy hot cakes. There are also many snacks such as seasonal pizza, quiche, rice set meal, so it is a good place to go when you are hungry.

There are plenty of goods for sale with a familiar flower pattern!

Rokkatei features a wrapping paper with northern flowers drawn on it, such as honeysuckle, lily of the valley, and snails. The goods that are designed with the flower pattern are lining up in one corner of the sales floor. There is stationery, wrapping cloth, tableware, cushion covers, etc.! Especially popular is the masking tape. The illustration was painted by a painter Naoko Sakamoto (坂本直行)from Hokkaido, painted at the request of Mr. Toyoshiro Oda(小田豊四郎), founder of Rokkatei. His paintings have been the face of Rokkatei for more than half a century. Together with tasty sweets, it is also nice to take home colorful cute flowers as souvenirs.