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Let’s go to the new Hakodate Hokuto station to see the home of the Hokkaido Shinkansen!

The Hokkaido Shinkansen finally opened in March 2016. It is a Shinkansen connecting Tokyo and Hakodate in about 4 hours. This new Hakodate Hokuto station was newly established as the northernmost terminal station until the line extends to Sapporo.
The station was built using local timber. 13 Shinkansen lines arrive and depart each day along the up and down lines. In addition to the bullet train, you can also ride a conventional line such as Hakodate Liner, heading from Hakodate Station. This is a place you can look at the Shinkansen, buy souvenirs, gather information on the trip, and enjoy station sightseeing!


The station was built using local cedar wood and is refreshing and open!

On March 26, 2016, the Hokkaido Shinkansen station was opened. It started operations at Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station located in Hokuto city. The station building stands in an idyllic landscape surrounded by fields and mountains that is a stylish contrast between the large glass window and the gray outer wall.
When entering the station, the high ceiling and the outside scenery seen from the window, creates a very open feeling! The area has a relatively mild climate and the locally produced cedar laminated wood that is used on the ceiling provides a refreshing cedar fragrance that will warm your heart!
The pure white pillars standing along the glass window are made in the image of the branches of the poplar trees in front of the Trappist monastery in Hokuto city. Inside of the station is designed to remind you of the local climate.

It is worth noticing the highlights of the different Shinkansen! highlights of the vehicle!

Even if you are not a railroad enthusiast, you will be intrigued by new Shinkansen vehicles. At Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station, there are two types of vehicles that arrive and depart, the E5 series of Tohoku Shinkansen and the H5 system of the Hokkaido Shinkansen.
It has a streamlined body that is designed with the colors of Tokonobu Green and Akirao White. There are two major differences between Hokkaido and Tohoku vehicles. One is the color of the belt extending in the center of the car body. The E5 series has a brilliant “Hayate Pink” (shown in the picture above), the H5 series uses a “Saika Purple” (shown in the picture below).
Another difference is the symbol mark. The E5 series has a sharp flying falcon motif, and the H5 series has a mark that combines the shape of Hokkaido with white falcons.

Where is the best spot for taking pictures of the Shinkansen?

If you visited the Shinkansen station you may want to take a picture of the new car. There are several points in the station and in the vicinity where you can look at the vehicles of the Shinkansen and get a good photo as well.
One of the best places to take a photo is on the platform. There is an admission price of 170 yen to enter the platform. You can enter the bullet train platform from not only from the ticket gate of the station but also from the platform where conventional lines such as Hakodate liners arrive and depart. If you want to take a photo of the face of the vehicle, the southernmost point is the best position.
The third floor of the multi-story parking lot adjacent to the station is a surprisingly good viewpoint! People who want to take a picture from up above of the way the bullet train enters and exits the platform like to use this spot. It is a little farther away, but there is no admission price. You can also get good pictures for free before the ticket gate on the second floor. You can see the platform of the bullet train directly through the glass.

Enjoying facilities inside the station, where tourist information and souvenirs are plentiful!

Not only can you see the bullet train, but there are many attractive facilities inside the station. The antenna shop “Hottomaruchie Ogaru” has all souvenirs from southern part of Hokkaido and Aomori. There are also goods of the Hokuto city official cute recognition character ” Zushi Hokki.”
At the kiosk on the second floor and “BENTO CAFE 41,” you can get a boxed lunch with plenty of local ingredients and a station lunch for the Hakodate Shinkansen.
In addition to Hokuto City Tourist Information Center and gallery space where tourist information gathers, there is also plenty of free space where you can sit down on the bench and have a free break so that you can watch outdoor scenery.
Since the new Hakodate Hokuto station just opened there are still new buildings being built around it and it is steadily changing.

Smart tip
  • In the restroom in the ticket gate area, there is also a baby break room where you can change diapers and breastfeed. This is convenient for those that are sightseeing with a baby.
  • At Hokuto City Tourist Information Center, tourist brochures not only for Southern Hokkaido but also throughout Hokkaido are prepared. There are also services that sell tourist tickets or keep one day's luggage at 500 yen.
  • The 13th platform which will be used when the Shinkansen extends in the future is opposite the 12th platform where the descending Shinkansen arrives. It is fun to imagine a day when the bullet train runs to Sapporo.
What's interesting

The platform of the bullet train is popular, but some still like the nostalgic platform of conventional lines. The Shinkansen vehicles of the "Hakodate Liner" whose operation began between shin Hakodatehokuto and Hakodate are also impressive.