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You can make your own cup of noodles at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum!

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Ikeda City, Osaka (大阪府池田市) is the birthplace of instant noodles. To honor the spirit of the invention of instant noodles as well as that of the inventor Momofuku Ando(安藤百福), the Instant Ramen Museum was opened in 1999. The museum introduces the history of “chicken ramen” and “Cup of noodles” and gives you the opportunity to make your own personal cup of noodles. This museum with its fun souvenir making process is very popular.


Instant ramen was born in Ikeda City, Osaka.

The instant noodle was invented by Momofuku Andou. He is also the founder of the Nissin company. He noticed that in the postwar period people were flocking to the Ramen stands. He thought it would be beneficial to have an easy to make at home ramen. His invention was well received and soon became very popular.
tanjyou no rekisi
There is a replica in the museum of the study shed that was in the backyard of his home in Ikeda City, Osaka. It was in this shed that every day he continued his research until instant raman was born. He credits his wife’s fried Tempura as inspiration for his invention.
kenkyu koya

Explore the history of “chicken ramen!”

In 1958 “chicken Ramen” was introduced. Since then there has been a lot of changes to the recipe and packaging. You can witness all the changes over the years in the museum’s tunnel of instant noodles.
800syurui no cupnoodles
The tunnel highlights the Instant noodles that were developed and evolved with the times. There are about 800 kinds of noodles exhibited. Many changes that were made reflected the changing tastes of the people of Japan.
ganso chikinra-men

Enjoy your own cup of noodles making experience!

There are vending machines in the museum that sell empty noodle containers with no writing on them. The idea is to buy one of these containers (300 yen) then proceed to create your own version by selecting a soup base and your choice of ingredients. Then design the packaging as well.
cupnoodles jidouhanbaiki
You are encouraged to use their specified pens to write and draw on the package. There are “Cup of noodles” from all over the world displayed on the wall to inspire you.
cupnoodles tukuri
When your package is ready, take it to the counter and a member of the staff will help you create your noodles. To the base noodles you choose I of the 4 types of soup and 4 of the 12 ingredients to mix together to form your personal cup of noodles.
After you have created your original “Cup of noodles” you can enjoy it there or take it home as a souvenir.
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You need to book in advance to make chicken ramen.

For a special time you can reserve a spot in the “chicken ramen factory” on the second floor. It is a kitchen where you can experience the creation of chicken ramen.
Chicken Ramen Factory
At the chicken ramen factory you will be paired with a partner and get to experience making the dough from flour, creating the noodles, adding the seasoning, and frying them in oil just like they do in the plant. You literally go through the whole creation process, The process takes approximately 90 minutes.

Of course there are plenty of instant noodle related souvenirs!

The souvenir shop carries a variety of instant noodle souvenirs. There is stationery, toy “chicken ramen mascot,” plenty of “Cup of noodles,” and more!
Souvenir shop
Instant noodles are served on all JAL international flights in business class or higher. The noodles provide a nostalgic flavor and good taste for contemporary Japanese travelers.
JAL international flights cup noodles
Admission to the museum is free. The goal of the museum is to spread around the world the story of how from a small hut, instant ramen became a Japanese invention they are very proud of.
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Smart tip
  • Reservations to visit the cup of noodle factory are not necessary, but there is often a line on weekdays. The reception area is open until 3:30. It Is recommended that go in the early morning hours on Saturday and Sunday to avoid the crowds.
  • Many of the local bakeries and eateries create dishes that use chicken ramen. It is a way of paying tribute to the birthplace of chicken ramen.
  • In the factory they have a tasting room where you can sample some items you can’t buy in Osaka. All the limited edition items are sold in the vending machines. So you can eat your selections on the spot.
What's interesting

Different cup of noodles are sold in souvenir shops in Hokkaido. Typically items are limited, according to the region. So this gives you a chance to purchase different types of noodles that might not be available in your home area!