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Local people’s secret! Stunning sunset; Five best beaches in Okinawa

Speaking of Okinawa, you picture the blue ocean, the blue sky, and the blazing sun. The beach is what most people long for. The ocean of Okinawa is so pristine and clear, and these beautiful beaches will fit into your dreams. After you enjoy marine activities, take your babies to the beach for the first time, and have a romantic time in watching the sunset. Anything you do will give a special memory to your stay. We have chosen the best beaches to enjoy the beautiful sunset among all these beaches in Okinawa!


Toguchi Beach; little-known good spot for sunset loved by locals!

When you pass the residential area of the Yomitan village, the Toguchi beach suddenly appears in front of your eyes. It is a long beach with great natural beauty. The contrast of the green grass in the front and the blue ocean and sky is very beautiful. The sun that is setting behind a naturally created Knock rock(sea rock created by erosion) in the ocean is exceptional. The long beach continues as far as you can see. You may enjoy the pork meal at the “Ganju Farm” restaurant adjacent to the beach.
【Spot name】Toguchi Beach
【Address】Toguchi Yomitanson Okinawa
【Business hours】none

Absolutely clear water! Special sunset at Nirai beach with a stretch of shallow water

The Nirai beach stretches in front of “Hotel Nikko Alivila” and it is a natural beach that is known for the white sandy beach and the clarity of the water. The water is shallow and you will encounter various creatures. If you are lucky, you might be able to see an anemone fish. This is the perfect spot for people who want to enjoy marine activities and children who swim in the ocean for the first time. The west side of the beach has a great sunset point and you may watch and admire the sunset falling in East China Sea. How about admiring the sunset glowing in orange, relaxing and resetting the busy everyday life?
【Spot name】Nirai Beach
【Address】600 Gima Yomitan-Son Nakagami-Gun Okinawa
【Business hours】9:00a.m. ~ 6:00p.m. (changes according to season)

Lovely natural sandy beach; Sesoko Beach! The sunset is great, too.

The Sesoko Beach is a natural long beach and stretches about 800 meters (0. 5 mile) long. You can see Ie-jima Island and Minna-jima Island from here. The sand of this natural beach is impeccably white.
The clarity of the water makes this beach a popular snorkeling spot. The rich coral forest and the variety of fish that gather around the coral create a fantastic world for you to fully enjoy snorkeling. The sunset from the west side of the beach is great, too. Sitting on the shallow water beach and admiring the setting sun, and spending time with loved ones. The scenery is going to be a different one for you.
【Spot name】 Sesoko Beach
【Address】5583-1 Sesoko Motobu-Cho Kunigami-Gun Okinawa
【Business hours】9:00a.m ~5:00p.m. (April ~ June) , ~5:30p.m. (July ~ September)

Everybody talks about! Sunset from the beach stage for the Okinawa International Movie Festival.

The Ginowan Tropical Beach is in the Ginowan-City. It is in the middle of the main island of Okinawa. There will be a beach stage for the Okinawa International Movie Festival held in March.
What is great about this place is definitely the sunset. You can enjoy the totally beautiful sunset sinking in East China Sea to your heart’s content from the observation platform going out to the ocean. More than ten different kinds of marine sports and BBQ facilities are available. You won’t be tired of spending your ocean time here.
【Spot name】Tropical Beach
【Address】4-2-1 Mashiki Ginowan
【Business hours】swimming hours: 9:00a.m. ~ 7:00p.m. (changes according to the season)
opening hours: 9:00a.m. ~9:30p.m.

Absolutely beautiful sunset spot next to Churaumi Aquarium

The Emerald Beach is a beautiful coral sand beach in the Ocean Expo Park. The park has also a popular aquarium, the “Churaumi Aquarium.” The beach has three sections; “Beach of Play”, “Beach of Rest” and “Beach of View.” The beach is shallow and surging waves are not a big problem here. It is a very good beach for babies’ ocean debut. If you would like to just relax and watch the sunset, go to the“Beach of View.” Some areas will be restricted during the sea turtles’ egg-laying season. Please be careful.
【Spot name】Emerald Beach
【Address】424 Ishikawa Motobu-Cho Kunigami-Gun (in Ocean Expo Park)
【Holidays】first Wednesday in December and the following day
【Notes】swimming hours: 8:30a.m. ~7:00p.m. (April ~
September), ~5:30p.m. (October)
The carpet of coral and the tropical fish with bright colors. Okinawa’s beaches are fun and mysterious. Even if you don’t swim in the water, just sit down on the beach and watch what is unfolding in front of you. It heals your heart and soul.
The Okinamwa’s ocean is renowned for its clarity and beauty. Each one of us who visits has to have good manners and abide by beach rules.