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Okinawa’s “Nilai Beach” boasts having the clearest water around!

Yomitan-son is located on the main island of Okinawa on the central West coast.
If you are wondering what is the most popular Resort Hotel in the area. That would be the “Hotel Nikko Alivila,” (ホテル日航アリビラ) bar none.
Spread out in front of the hotel is “Nilai Beach.” (ニライビーチ)It has beautiful white sand, and water with a high degree of visibility.

Even though the beach is adjacent to the hotel, you don’t need to be a guest of the hotel to use the beach.

The hotel will even let you use its toilet and shower facilities There is a safety net in the swimming area protecting you from jellyfish so the whole family can swim safely.

In addition, there is a small restaurant and some shops to enjoy.
There is also an extensive menu of various marine sports you can try.


Beautiful water quality certified by the Ministry of the Environment!

Nilai Beach’s popularity is due to its amazingly clear water.
From April to June 2014 in the water quality survey conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, rated the water “AA.” Giving it the country’s official stamp of approval.
In addition, drilling and other excavation are not allowed here so it keeps this pristine beach as one of the few precious untouched beaches on the main island of Okinawa.
The beautiful white sand that extends approximately 300 yards around the bay. It has several very interesting rock formations visible on the North and south end of the bay.

You can interact with the marine creatures during low tide!

As dusk approaches, you will get a different view of the bay as the water recedes and the light starts to soften.
Because the tide will vary as much as 6 feet during the day you can adjust your water activity accordingly.
For example, at low tide, the tide pools are exposed showing the different rock and coral formations.
A large variety of marine organisms of can be observed from the ground. In addition to the colorful coral you may get to see starfish, sea anemones, If you are really lucky, you might also see some of the other beautiful tropical fish like the Ruri damselfish.

At high tide, it’s time to enjoy some marine sports!

At high tide, there are still shallow waters for swimming, so you’ll be able to swim safely even with small children.
Also, during high tide you can participate in snorkeling, wakeboarding, jet skiing, Dragon boats, and canoes.

The instructor tells us that these activities safe even for beginners.
For those of you who want to experience the sea a little more peacefully
How about trying a canoe?

Relaxing with the gentle sea breeze will make you forget your everyday fatigue.
And don’t forget Nilai beach, unique West Coast. Also known as the “Sunset Point.”
It is a nice place to enjoy a beer while experiencing the tropical twilight.

Smart tip
  • Coin lockers are available for 200 yen. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you can use the toilets and changing rooms. Because parking is free, you can use this beach cheaper than other area resorts.
  • This is a well-known location for sea turtles to lay their eggs. it is known as the land of natural hatching. In August 2012, it hatched about 50 baby sea turtles. If you're lucky, you might get to see some baby turtles.
  • There is also horseback riding available. Other resorts in the area can't offer you so many activities so it is best to check this out.
What's interesting

Facing the sea on the right-hand side you will see "Two Lovers Point" (恋人岬) at the top of the huge rock. And "Kanai Beach"(カナイビーチ) is located on the other side. It is a little known beach. It is rather quiet since it is off the beaten path. Swimming is not allowed but it is a nice place for a walk on the beach.