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The epicenter of Tokyo youth culture Shibuya fashion spot information

The town of young people, Shibuya, has recently become a cosmopolitan city where many tourists from abroad. The tourists from abroad are surprised that people crossing at the scramble intersection do not hit each other, and it has become a popular movie shooting spot. In addition to the good access with JR, private railways, and the subway, Shibuya draws you in with some of the most avant-garde Japanese items. It is a recommended spot which can be widely enjoyed from young couples to families.


The world’s Largest intersection

The faithful dog Hachiko statue in front of the station square is a classic Shibuya landmark. While this is famous as a waiting spot to meet up with people, in recent years, the scramble intersection located right next to it has become even more famous. It is the world’s largest intersection with 500,000 people per day coming and going.

Sit in this café to watch the intersection

There are several spots we recommend where you can overlook the scramble intersection: the “L’Occitane cafe”, famous for its cream brulee, “Shibuya Nishimura fruit parlor” located at the entrance to “Center Street,” and Starbucks in the QFRONT building.

The Holy Land of Shibuya fashion, 109

SHIBUYA109 (Shibuya ichi-maru-kyu) is the epicenter for the latest fashion, with a focus on Gal fashion. It is a popular spot, and can be called a Holy Land for women in their teens to 20s. It has many fans overseas, and many foreign tourists visit here.
To the right hand of 109 at the top of Dogenzaka is the headquarters of the Tokyu department store. Adjacent to it is a complex that contains theaters and museums called “Bunkamura.”A variety of events is held at all times, and it has become base of transmitting new creative culture.

A treasure house of Disney goods, the Disney Store

The Disney store at the back of the Seibu Department Store is marked by the cute castle in front! The appearance of a dream-like world is sure to pull you in. Each floor inside which you access with a spiral staircase is full of “kawaii” items.

For dates or for family! Shibuya recommended spots.

The Shibuya Hikarie opened in 2012. Located in Shibuya Station on the east side, it has become a landmark of the new Shibuya. Because it is directly connected to the subway station, it is also accessible without getting wet even on rainy days.

Enjoy a free view in the observation space!

The 6th and 7th floors of Hikarie are the popular restaurant floors. From the large windows, you can overlook the whole of Shibuya while dining. In addition, on the 11th floor is a free observation space, the “sky lobby.” Shibuya streets spread below your feet, and far away, you can enjoy views all the way to Shinjuku.

Long lines in front of fresh fried “Gyu Katsu”

There are many hot shops in the vicinity of the Hikarie as well. “Gyu Katsu Motomura” serves beef cutlets with a thin batter, deep-fried for just 60 seconds. This is a dish to enjoy the sweetness of the meat, which increases with every bite. You will have to wait a bit to eat at this popular restaurant, but it is affordable and attractive.
gyuukatu teisyoku

Children also delight!

Studio Park at the NHK Broadcasting Center cannot be overlooked either. With its experience corner and events, you can enjoy along with your children. The Cosmo Planetarium at the Owada Ward Hall features attractive reclining seats where you can spend some comfortable time relaxing and looking at the starry sky. In addition, there are many family-friendly spots you can enjoy within walking range of Shibuya Station, such as Yoyogi Park and the Plant Experience Center, so you can enjoy Shibuya for the whole day.

Smart tip
  • For coin lockers, we recommend those outside the Hachiko exit. Large luggage that does not fit in the coin-operated lockers can be left at 109, on the 2nd basement floor.
  • From Shibuya, many areas such as Harajuku, Omotesando, and Ebisu are about a 20 minutes' walk away. There are a lot of nice shops, so enjoy a walk while enjoying the variety.
  • The Shibuya-ku community bus (the so-called "Hachiko bus") is a cute bus that connects the major tourist spots with Shibuya. It is available for 100 yen per ride.
What's interesting

The female toilets at Shibuya Hikarie are very fashionable. The concept is different for toilets on each floor, and some are equipped with facilities such as an air shower and a table that can charged electronics just by placing your device on top