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6 Recommended areas for accommodations for your visit to Tokyo Disneyland.

If you are going to Tokyo Disneyland, it is a good idea to research what are available around the hotel area. In addition to visiting Disneyland there is also a lot to see and do in Tokyo, so finding a good place to stay is important.


Accommodations in Urayasu that will make for good memories.

Only a 25-minute bus ride from Tokyo Disneyland is the preeminent Urayasu Station. Why not increase your fun memories with an overnight stay in Urayasu.
Kansanrinka Aquarium awaits you with more than 600 species of sea creatures under their big glass dome.
Perfect for tired tourist body is a trip to Oedo for the “Urayasu Mangekyou.” This open-air bath has a small slide and ball pool that you can enjoy with the whole family.
The Subway Museum (Chikahaku) is also conveniently located and can be enjoyed by children to adult lovers of trains.
【Spot name】   Around Urayasu Station
【Street address 】  Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture Hokuei

Recommended accommodations in Hatchobori that are close to the Tokyo Station!

Hatchobori is about 14 minutes from Tokyo Disneyland. It has outstanding access to the JR Maihama station. It is also close to Ginza and Nihonbashi, both excellent Tokyo tourist spots that you can walk around and explore. It is highly recommended to get a room in this area.
It is 6 minutes to Ginza with the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. If you want to go to Kabuki-za use the Hibiya Line and it will connect you directly to the Higashiginza station. There are souvenir shop and restaurants there you can enjoy.
The Tokyo Station Ichibangai is one stop on the JR line from Hatchobori. There you can have fun at “Tokyo ramen street”, “Tokyo sweets land” and “Tokyo character street!”
【Spot name】  Around Hatchobori Station
【Street address】  Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hatchobori

Plenty of excitement in downtown Kinshicho.

With only a 45-minute direct bus ride to Tokyo Disneyland, accommodations in Kinshicho are highly recommended. Kameido , ryokoku (the sumo mecca), Akihabara and the Sky Tree, Kinshicho are all easily accessible by train.
The Tokyo Sky Tree Town has in the center a huge tree. There is also Tokyo Soramachi, Sumida Aquarium and Konica Minolta Planetarium “sky” with a popular, 4D experience.
Next to the Kinshicho is ryokoku where you might see a sumo wrestler of yukata in the station or in the city.
【Spot name】  Kinshicho Station
【Street address】  Sumida-ku, Tokyo Koto Bridge Sanchome

Stay under the Sky Tree in Oshiage!

About a 55-minute direct bus to Tokyo Disneyland. The Oshiage area also has other popular attractions, including the downtown area of Asakusa and Ueno, both popular tourist’s destinations.
If you leave from the underground exit of the station you will see the towering “Sky Tree.” The area is filled with a variety of shops. You can find fashion stores, miscellaneous goods, food and Tokyo souvenirs. The shopping is close to the station entrance so you also have good access to”Tokyo Soramachi”.
On the opposite bank of the Sumida River is Asakusa. If you get the train it is just one station away from the Oshiage station. Oshiage station to Asakusa Kaminarimon only goes straight west down Asakusa street, so it is a good opportunity to walk while enjoying the city and the landscape.
【Spot name】 Around Oshiage Station
【Street address】 Sumida-ku, Tokyo pushed up chome

Accommodations in the famous Akihabara!

You can get to Tokyo Disneyland from Akihabara by bus. It is a convenient 55-minute direct route.
Yodobashi Camera Multimedia AKIBA (Japan’s largest shopping facilities) is directly connected the station.
After exploring, you can take a break in the Maid café or AKB cafe. Both have a unique and nurturing culture and are worth the visit even if you aren’t staying overnight.
AKIBA Culture’s Theatre has performances by different idols. You can still get tickets the day of the show. So why not stop in and enjoy a performance.
【Spot name】  Around Akihabara Station
【Street address】  Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Only 7 minutes to Maihama Station!

Shinkiba is just 2 stops (7 minutes) away from the Maihama Station where Tokyo Disneyland is located. If you are a big Disneyland fan, I recommended this area.
Shinkiba is also the starting point for the Rinka Line. So after you have enjoyed your visit to Disneyland, you can take the train and go 2 stations further down the line to the International Exhibition Center station. Here, there is Tokyo Big Sight and Ariake Tennis Forest Park. There are a lot of events held here throughout the year. The next stop is the Tokyo Teleport Station. It is the nearest station to the popular Tokyo tourist spot “Odaiba.”
【Spot name】  Around Shinkiba Station
【Street address】  Koto-ku, Tokyo Shinkiba chome