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Japan’s oldest shopping district (Nakamise Street). Where people and tastes remain unchanged!

nakamisedoori syoumen
After going through the gete and Kaminarimon gates of the Senso-ji Temple, you will come to the start of Nakamise street(仲見世通り). It is like entering a street during the Edo period.
At that time there were only about 20 shops on the street. In addition to the cafes, they were mostly selling toys, sweets and souvenirs. Now there is a total of around 89 stores and boutiques. They do a wonderful job entertaining visitors on this 250 yard stretch of land called Nakamise street. This street is still alive with the love and spirit from the Edo period. People come here not to just buy suvenirs, but to be touched by the heart of Japan.
nigiwau touri


This is where Tabearuki (walking and eating) originated.

tourideno syopingu
Opening hours are roughly from 9:00a.m. to 6:30p.m. When the shops are not open, they are covered by shutters that have painted on them historical scenes and pictures of seasonal celebrations. When the shops open and start cooking the delicious fragrance drifts through the streets as a sign to begin Tabearuki.
Four specific shops we recommend are Azuma (serving kibidango), Kimuraya-honten (serving ningyo-yaki), Umezono (serving kuri-kinton and dorayaki), and Furekazu (serving Kuri-yokan).
These places are not only for eating. You can visit them and be entertained with the way they prepare the food. This is one of the reasons that people can’t stop and eat. There is just too much to see.

May is the time for the Sanja Festival!

Asakusa’s Sanja Festival is a world-renowned festival. During this period, the Asakusa area becomes filled with people. Recently there has been an increasing number of foreign tourists visiting. At 6:00a.m. the 3 main Mikoshi (floats) are carried down Nakamise Street. They are followed by 100 more brought out from each neighborhood. Tourists are allowed to help carry the Mikoshi, but be careful it can be dangerous.

Don’t forget about the souvenirs on Nakamise Street!

There are a lot of souvenir shops on Nakamise street. For the foreigners there are the popular Ninja characters, Kimonos, chopsticks, and fans, however, Japanese visitors come here for the many crafts and hobby shops. It is a wonderful place to feel the goodness of Japan.