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Enjoy the cozy seating at the downtown taverns on Asakusa Hoppy Street (Stew Street)!

About 100 yards west of the Senso-ji (浅草寺) is the famous Asakusa Hoppy Street (浅草ホッピー通り), also known as Stew Street (煮込み通り).
Recently this area has been growing in popularity with the tourists.
At one time there was a horse betting place nearby and this area was a great place to stop for a drink on the way back home after gambling.
Today the shops along the street still remain as a good place to stop and enjoy a drink and some delicious stew after a day of shopping.


Look for the Red lanterns with “Hoppy” written on them.

The lanterns are small here compared to the large lantern at Kaminarimon (雷門), but the drawing power of the Hoppy Street lanterns are second to none.
The lanterns are inviting as they light the way to the seating of the various shops along the street.
There isn’t room for many counter seats in each of these small shops so the owners place tables and chairs along the street in front of their shops.
They leave it open in the summer and close up their seating area with vinyl for warmth during the winter.
Asakusa Hoppy Street is now a big part of the Asakusa downtown culture.

Hoppy is very easy-to-drink!

Hoppy is similar to bottled beer but with no alcohol. So people add to their Hoppy shochu liquor. The taste is lighter than beer which makes it a good drink for beginners.
The shop owner will ask if you prefer “black” (more alcohol and stronger taste) or “white” (less alcohol and milder taste) So be sure an order which you prefer so you can better enjoy your Hoppy experience.

Enjoy the Stew cuisine!

nokiwonaraberu tenpo
Hoppy Street is also known as Stew Street because each shop also serves their version of Asakusa stew such as the “Simmered beef sinew” or the “spicy hot sauce stew” etc.
Some of the more famous restaurant spots include the “Tonpei,” (とんぺい) the “Suzuyoshi,” (鈴芳) and the “Okamoto-Asakusa-Honten.” (岡本浅草本店)
Once you experience the goodness of the Asakusa Hoppy Street stew, other stews just won’t compare!