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Feel free to enjoy the storyteller and more at legendary Asakusa Engei Hall!

gaikanAsakusa Engei Hall (浅草演芸ホール) opened in1964 as a place of entertainment for the people of Asakusa. The main form of entertainment is Rakugo (story telling). In between the Rakugo sessions, there are magicians and comedians performing.
There are Day and night performances and the cost is generally 2800 yen. Once in, they don’t check your ticket for each show so you can stay all day. But once you leave you have to buy another ticket to return.
Lots of people will bring a box lunch and stay for a long time.
First-time visitors may find themselves losing track of time as stories continue.
No reservations are required so if you find yourself in Asakusa you should grab a bento and stop in to hear a story or two.


You can bring a box lunch and enter anytime during the show!

Asakusa Engei Hall has performances during the day from 11:40a.m. to 4:30p.m. and at night from 4:40p.m. to 9:00p.m.. You can enter at any time during this period and bring your lunch and drinks.
Sometimes when people enter during a performance the storyteller will talk to them and continue with an improv style.

Sometimes there is “standing room only” for popular rakugo performers!

Sometimes with the more popular performers, the venue quickly fills up and there is only standing room available. If you don’t like that idea you can check out the Asakusa Engei Hall official website and plan on attending a less popular performer’s show.
If you do plan on coming to a popular show plan on getting there early and stand in line for a ticket and be one of the first to enter so you can get a good seat.
For a good storyteller, it is worth the extra trouble to be able to attend their performance.

There is more to enjoy than just the main storyteller!

Certainly the main storyteller is entertaining. However, you will want to see the comedians and magicians perform as well.
You may be watching a future star who is just starting out at the Asakusa Engi Hall. For example, the famous Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし) who is now performing at the Asakusa Toyo Hall (浅草東洋館) started out telling stories at the Asakusa Engi Hall.
Another thing to enjoy is the festive music that is played along with the stories being told. It gives a feel of an opera being performed.