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Experience this Oasis from the Ohte Machi walk to the center of the Imperial Palace East gardens.

edojyo honmaruato
On the East side of the Imperial Palace (皇居東御苑) (formerly Edo Castle ruins) is the Imperial garden, This is also the site of the Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sannomaru ruins. Admission is free! To get there take the Tokyo Metro to the Ohtemachi station(大手町), exit C13a. It is a 5-minute walk from the station. It is open from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. *(hours vary depending on the season). Please visit and enjoy the seasonal attractions, beautiful nature, and valuable historical spots from the Edo period.
midoriyutakana siseki


Admire the flowers of the four seasons at the Honmaru ruins.

Take the opportunity to feel the seasons while still in the city. During their time off from work many locals will come to the East gardens of the Imperial Palace to enjoy the seasonal flowers. Understanding and experiencing the changes of nature is good for our physical and mental health. Guests can enjoy the beauty of nature that comes with the changes of the season. In the early spring there are the plum blossoms. In the spring you can enjoy the cherry blossoms. In the summer it is the azaleas. The rainy season brings the hydrangeas and irises. With free admission, it is understandable why this is such a popular spot.

Explore the valuable Edo Castle historical art!

tensyudai ato
Along with the Edo Castle Ruins you can also find here the ruins of the Tenshudai and Hyakunionbansho castles. You are allowed to climb on the Tenshudai ruins so this is a popular place to have photos taken. Also worth visiting is the Sannomaru-Shozoukan Museum. Here you can find many precious items from the imperial family. There are many works of art exhibited here. All told there are more than 9500 items exhibited. It is free admission to the museum as well!

Enjoy the free lunchtime concerts!

While eating lunch in the Imperial Palace East gardens you can enjoy being entertained by the Imperial musicians at one of their free lunchtime concerts. They are held occasionally (weather permitting) from 12:15p.m. to 12:45p.m.). It is a very popular thing for local businessmen and tourists to sit on the grass with a picnic lunch and listen to live music. Up-to-date information is presented on the home page of the Imperial Headquarters of Tokyo Tourism. You can check out when there will be music and plan your visit accordingly.