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NHK Studio Park is a uniqueTV station that is full of fun!

In between Shibuya Station and Harajuku Station, you will find NHK Studio Park(NHKスタジオパーク). It is a hands-on theme park that is located in the NHK studio. (adult admission fee of 200 yen, children free).
The building is divided into three floors. There is an NHK character greeting area, another area for dubbing and animation and also a place where you can pretend to be a newscaster. In addition, you can watch as they record a TV program. Except for in the recording site, taking pictures is ok. So you can create a lot of fun memories.


NHK characters will be there to greet you!

Every day at the NHK Studio Park, NHK characters will be in the entrance hall to greet you. Each character will be available for about 30 minutes for photographs. The time that each character will appear that day is posted on the bulletin board at the entrance. Kids World is another popular attraction. Here you can dance and sing with the brother and older sister characters of “Okasan to Issho.” Children as young as preschool age can enjoy the experience of Kid’s World.

Experience the “Animation Factory” and “Studio Park News!”

If you can read Hiragana and Katakana you can enjoy experiencing the “animation factory.” Hear you can do the voice dubbing for the animated characters. If you would like you can also experience “Studio Park NEWS.” It is a real studio news set. You can become a newscaster and cameraman and help create a news program. Sometimes the mothers watching get more nervous than their children performing

You can watch as TV episodes are being recorded!

You can watch a TV program being recorded at NHK Studios Park. It is interesting just watching the production site through the glass. But there is a chance to view the recording from inside the studio if you win a ticket from the daily lottery. You can also reserve a ticket in advance online.
There is also a souvenir shop and a restaurant to enjoy before you end your visit to NHK Studio Park