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Yebisu beer invites you to a tasting tour that you are sure to Love.

Yebisu Beer is a beer, which boasts of a long lasting popularity.
“Yebisu Beer Museum” is located at Ebisu Garden Place (An 8-minute walk using the travelator on the “Sky Walk” from JR Ebisu Station’s East exit). Taking their tour will educate you on not only how the beer is made but also on the history of Yebisu beer.
You have a choice of two types of tours. A free self-guided tour or a guided tour that you have to pay for the use of a guide. Both tours include a free beer tasting.


Yebisu Beer Museum offers free tasting in both their tours!

Yebisu Beer Museum “Guided Tour” costs 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children less than 20 years of age and children 12 and under are free.
Brand communicators that know everything about Yebisu Beer will guide you through the gallery. In the “communication stage” of the tour everyone over the age of 20 will get two free glasses of beer to sample. Those 20 years old or less will be given a soft drink.
In total, the tour lasts about 40 minutes. Because it is so popular many come again as repeat visitors. Making a reservation is a good idea.

You can also enjoy tasting the different beers at the nostalgic Saloon.

If you want to just enjoy tasting the beer rather than taking the tour of the museum, I recommend experiencing the dark brown wood décor of the “tasting saloon.” Here you can enjoy a beer in a calm and inviting atmosphere.
First, buy your Yebisu coins for 400 yen each in the vending machine. Then you can order and pay for your Yebisu beer and any of their original snacks with the coins. It is quite a reasonable deal: “one drink for one coin.

Limited Yebisu goods are the best souvenir.

After you are finished with the tour and the saloon, don’t forget to stop by the “museum shop”. Here you will find limited Yebisu goods on sale. The Yebisu amulet bags and drawstring bags are very popular and make excellent souvenirs.