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Here is a summary of everything you need to know about Onna Station and the surrounding attractions.

samuneilStarting in your car at Naha city travel North on Route 58. After exiting the Yomitan village, you will see the dark green of the forest on your left and right sides. you will see the cobalt green of the sea in front of you. As you enter northern Yanbaru you will come into the village of Onna Nakadomari. This village was settled a long time ago as a good resting place when traveling this route. It is not a large village but there are still some interesting sites to see. Some of the more popular places to visit are the Onna Village Museum, the Village Culture and Information Center and History Road that was established in the Ryukyu Kingdom.


Onna no Eki (The station of the Onna)

When feeling restless in the middle of the drive, Onna Murano marine products sales center, known as the “station of the onna.” is a good place to stop and rest. There are bathrooms, a food court and souvenir shops located here. It is a good place to buy local produce and seafood.
There are recommendations on how to prepare and eat the food. So don’t be afraid to try.
Be sure and check out their award winning sea grapes. They won the Emperor’s Award at the 2011 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival,
Don’t worry about buying too many souvenirs and having to fit them in your luggage. The station offers a shipping service that can deliver them to your house.
grapes are a transparent

Visit Onna Village Museum!
Admission is free!

Village Museum.
On the other side of the creek, in the back of the station of the onna, is the glass-walled building of the Onna Village Museum. Since April of 2015, there has been no admission fee.
On the other side of the creek, in the back of the station of the onna, is the glass-walled building of the Onna Village Museum. Since April of 2015, there has been no admission fee.
sea and sky
From inside the museum, you have a breathtaking view of the surrounding sea and sky.
traditional Onna village.
On permanent exhibition at the museum is a recreation of a traditional Onna village.
The exhibition depicts the village’s fishing, agriculture and food culture; as well as giving a clear history of the area.
In 1853 when the Perry Expedition was on its way to Ryukyu they stopped at the Onna Village. They described Onna as being ”one of the most beautiful spots on the island” The beauty of Onna Village seems to have fascinated travelers throughout history.

You can visit the Onna Cultural Information Center for event and tourist information!

cultural information center.
The building adjacent to the museum is a cultural information center.
The center opened in April 2015. The village locals operate this center and provide a quick and reliable source of tourist information.
On the first floor, there is a tourist information center. Here you can get brochures and if you want, you can use their touch panel machine that will make a personal travel for free.
guide in Onna-son trip
The tourist information center will print out The Mr. “guide in Onna-son trip” you create.
The guide has the location and description of the of places that you select. It also includes a list of related books and other useful information.
There is also information about annual events and current activities posted on the information center’s walls
posted on the walls

Enjoy a superb view while visiting the library.

On the second floor of Onna Cultural Information Center is the Library
You don’t have to be a villager or Okinawans to use the library. Even travelers can check out books. Since the library only opened April of 2015, the number of books is the still small, but most of them are new. It is a memorable experience to be the first reader of a new book. The new book smells and
turning the pages without a crease makes quite an impression.
reading the space.
There is an excellent view of the blue sea and sky the window of reading the space.
book corner provided
There is table seating, a terrace, an audio-visual corner and lovely children’s book corner provided
One of the highlights of this facility is the third-floor observation room. Since they have also installed vending machines here, it is a wonderful place to take a break while admiring the superb view. Weekdays the library is open until 8 o’clock, so you can view a beautiful sunset over the East China Sea.

The history road.

Nakadomari ruin
On the hills on the south side of the Culture and Information Center is the Nakadomari ruin.
The ruins were of shell mounds that were established from a prehistoric time in the Ryukyu Kingdom. They have been discovered in Okinawa dwellings and are an important historical place.
The West Sea Road connects with the main road into Shuri and Kunigami districts. This stretch of road is commonly known as “the history road.”
stone pavement
Part of the stone pavement remains from the kingdom era of about 400 years ago.
Even during the day dense forest and possibility of being attacked by bandits made the travel down this road frightening. But as travelers persisted they would eventually find relief from the sight of the white sands and blue sky of the beach.
Even now it is said that people are healed when visiting Onna. Maybe that is why this place that gave peace to travelers from a long time ago is a resort today.
Please contact The Culture and Information Center for more information.
“Nationally designated historic site Nakadomari ruins” Onna Cultural Information Center Address: Okinawa Prefecture Onna Nakadomari ☎098-982-5432

Smart tip
  • The tree-lined streets of the Ryukyu are beautiful. Exploring the promenade near the station of the onna at high tide is recommended.
  • There is a free public parking on the south side of the Museum and Cultural Information Center.
  • In the parking lot of the Cultural Information Center, there is a quick-charge point for electric vehicle charging
What's interesting

In good weather, the sea as seen from the Route 58 northbound lane near the station of the onna is beautiful beyond words. On a clear day, you can see Island and Sesoko Bridge from here.