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Only 6 minutes from the airport, Naminoue Beach is a good place to play in the waves before boarding!

naminouebi-chi sunahama
On your last day of a fun trip to Okinawa you might still want to play in the sea until the last minute. If so, Naminoue beach at Naha city is the beach to go to. By taking the Naha UMI Sora tunnel it is only 6 minutes by car to the airport. There are even showers available so you can play on the beach, then shower, change and go!


Umisora Park has more to experience than just the beautiful beach and sea.

At Umisora park is the Naminoueguu shrine(波上宮). It is considered Okinawa Prefecture’s No. 1 most popular shrine to visit. The shrine is located in the middle of the park. On the left side of the shrine is Tsuji Beach, on the right side is Wakasagawa Beach. Wakasagawa beach was closed for 10 years while they worked on Umisora tunnel construction. It reopened in 2014. It is known as a “perfect” diving and snorkeling beach that contains a beautiful stretch of coral that is about 15 x 160 feet.
They have a complete snorkeling program that you can participate in. First you learn all about the coral with children’s books and underwater video. Then you learn about how to snorkel around the coral. And finally you get the chance to snorkel out in the coral with the help of a guide. They offer the program twice a day at 10:00 a.m. and noon. It lasts for about 90 minutes. You must be at least 6-years old to participate.
syuno-keringu eria

Wakayama is the second place in Japan where you can post mail to yourself from the sea!

While you are enjoying snorkeling and scuba diving at Wakayama beach, you can also take the time to post yourself a letter from the sea. Wakayama beach is the second place in Japan where you can do this, the other place is near Naha City.
sougou anaiban
The Management Office for the posting from the sea program is the Churaumi NPO Corporation. They do this as a fundraiser for the promotion of coral protection. How it works is they sell water resistance postcards for 500 yen that you use a special process to address. Then you post it at low tide. The mail is picked up by a diver instead of a regular postal worker and then sent on through the regular mail. It makes for a great souvenir!

If you come to Naminoueguu shrines you can “pray then play” at the beach.

The Naminoueguu shrine is the most visited shrine in Japan. With the famous Wakayama beach on the right. This location is a very popular tourist destination. During the Ryukyu era people came here to pay tribute to the gods. They called it Niraikanai. Then starting in 1893 the locals changed the name to Nanminsan and hold a celebration every year. One such Festival held in Naha City is very popular.
Niraikanai (the Kingdom of God on the other side of the Ocean) is the place gods and spirits meet and pray

There are many ways to have fun!

If you have time we recommend having a barbecue in the rather large barbecue area. It is a very green area with lots of grass to sit and play on. Locals love to come here for a walk.
With the calm winds coming from the sea, it is a wonderful experience to take a nap in the Pavilion.

Smart tip
  • On the third Sunday of each month at the Naminoue beach parking lot there is a flea market held from 10:00a.m. until 1:00p.m..
  • There is parking available near the Naminoueguu shrine as well as in the parking lot of the Naminoue-umisora Park well.
  • There is no real shady area on the beaches so you will be better off if you bring a parasol for shade.
What's interesting

The nearest vending machine to buy a meal is inside the subway station. Be sure to shower off the sand before entering the station.